Monday, 11 June 2012

Flight Of The Bumblebees (and Veg)

The allotment is literally buzzing with excitement. The bumblebees seem particularly fond of the fruit blossom that is now abundant. Though the last couple weeks were perhaps a bit on the cold and damp side, the vegetables are growing rather fast. 

It seems like last week that the 'Monster Radish' was just regular radish size. I picked one of them as a taster. Next week they will probably their ideal size (softball size).

Talking about large, the Chenopodium is having a bit of a growth spurt. Can you believe how pretty those purple new leaves are, they are almost iridescent.

The sweetpeas are finally in flower (even though they are still crawling along the ground, ignoring their support). They smell lovely and I look forward to picking them on a regular basis.

The cauliflowers I bought as plugs very early in March are now ginormous. I did not know they grew this large.

This fennel is almost ready to be harvested.

A shout out to these oriental mustard green. I just plunked the seedlings into the ground and they have taken so well. Amazing growth rate on these ones.

It took a while for the pumpkins to get used to their new home on top of the manure but now they are very happy. It is a shame I did not label them but once the fruit form I should have an idea of what is what.

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