Sunday, 24 June 2012

Peas and Beans

Harvesting time is upon us. First of all the broad beans which look nice and fat. I will plant many more of these next year because they are completely carefree and delicious. In the picture is about half (maybe a bit less) of pods on the plants so to get enough broad beans for several meals I will have to plant about three times more beans next year.

I also decided to harvest the garlic. The foliage was beginning to suffer from the extremely wet weather so  instead of letting them slowly rot I am getting them out of the ground now.

The heads are not exactly giant but I did not expect that anyway with spring sown garlic. Come September I will order ginormous amounts of different kinds of garlic and but them in the ground. There is nothing quite as mouth watering as the smell of fresh garlic.

The drying rack which should serve as a support for the french beans are doubling duty as a garlic drying.

After a week or so of moping the pumpkins and courgettes on the manure heap are taking off so fast it is like they are growing before my eyes.

The pumpkin on the left side is the champion for now growing at an almost alarming rate. I have not labelled the pumpkin seedlings but I am hoping this is Atlantic Giant because I really want to grow a big fat Halloween style pumpkin.

This is where the peas and beans ended up, in a delicious simple risotto with some homegrown saffron.

As a little bonus a swan family decided to stay right next to the allotment. Here is a little vid of daddy swan having a spot of lunch.

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