Monday, 4 June 2012

Rainwater Solution

I've accumulated a rather large amount of plants that very much prefer to be watered with rainwater. All the orchids both inside and out and the carnivorous plants as well are especially sensitive. Having had a 2 week hot and dry spell meant a lot of compromise. Filtered water for the priced possessions and 'one tap watering won't hurt them' for the others. But it has become clear that I need some sort of method to collect rainwater.

Now there is no place at all for a traditional water bud.  All the drains are covered with climbers or located at   inconvenient places. The solution has been the Elho raindrop mini. It is a small insert to put on a drainpipe with a reservoir that doubles as a watering can. Installation was easy as pie. You just saw out an 80 centimetre piece of pipe and just place the raindrop in between, no need for glue or any further assemblage (though I would recommend a saw and not a bread knife to cut the pipe).

It does not hold a ton of water (3.5 litre) but I have been compensating by emptying the can into a big tub. Since the weather has changed from being hot and dry to being frightfully cold and wet, I have filled up a big tub full of rainwater that should keep a lot of plants watered if the weather gets dry again.

Finally I also like that it seems to melt into the background preventing it from becoming an eyesore.

PS, I'm not associated with Elho in any way

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