Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Summer Bulbs Surface

I planted the Gloriosa bulb in the middle of the pot but all the shoots are coming up at the edge. Unfortunately only one of the Gloriosa filled pots show life. I kept one pot an extra couple of weeks inside and it is this one that has started growing (heat?). The other one was kept outside and is not showing any life. Maybe it is behind or maybe the tuber has rotted.

I should probably start thinking about where I want this one to climb.

The Commelina is a bit further along. There is some slug damage but I still expect this to flower within a couple of weeks.

The pot where I put the NOID bulbs is also bursting into live. With a bit of luck I can identify what it actually is.

Update on the Gloriosa

Thankfully the second container of Gloriosa is also showing growth. I had pretty much given up on it but it did in fact sprout. So they can actually handle some less than splendid temperatures but they will just sprout a bit later.

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