Friday, 1 June 2012

Two New Cypripedium

After many an email these two plants finally arrived today. I ordered some plants at Baldur and upon getting them they seemed rather close to death. I send an email and if they would not come up in spring I would receive new plants. Come to think of it none of the plants I ordered there survived but anyhow here are the two replacement Cypripedium.

The label just says Siberian lady slipper so I am going to assume it is Cypripedium macranthum for now. Here is a closer look at the plant.

It is a bit dirty from the transport and it is worryingly tiny but maybe it will grow.

 And here is Cypripedium Formosanum, equally tiny and in need of a dust off. I can´t decide whether I can see the pleating of the leaves yet.

Since these are still so tiny and because I don´t have appropriate soil or pots at the moment they are going to stay into these pots for the rest of the season. The mix they are in looks appropriately free draining so they should be OK. I have no idea how young these plants are so I have no idea whether they may flower next year.
Cypripedium ´Pueblo´ has very much finished flowering. Cypripedium ´Kentucky´ is still very much in flower and looking rather glorious. The Cypripedium reginae I replanted has three noses up.

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