Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bane Of The Veg Patch

Meet Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa, also known as the European mole cricket. This alienesque monster is responsible for the death of many a seedling. It gnaws through their young little roots leaving them horribly dead and disfigured. But it is not only the seedlings that fall victim to its crimes against veggies. It appears to also take great great pleasure in taking huge bites out of every single potato leaving none untouched. This horror is considered endangered but it sure as hell is not endangered on the allotment. Digging up potatoes we dug up at least 5 and their little lairs and tunnels are everywhere. I am not expressly gardening organically but everything works fine without any poisons and there is not really any reason other than the mole crickets. However I have a suspicion that using them won't work much. I might try nematodes next year to stop the monsters or maybe do the tuberous vegetables in raised beds (with a barrier between them and the ground).

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