Sunday, 22 July 2012

Begonia Schultzei

At the moment the star of the vivarium is Begonia schultzei. Where the orchids have not flowered yet this plant has been in flower almost continually, only taking a break to grow. When I bought this it was a smallish cutting about 5 centimetres long with three leaves. It stayed this way for months but in that time it has been in flower for a long time. Then it took a break from flowering to quadruple in size. It has now grown up into the tree fern root background and is now in flower again.

Funnily enough I do not like regular begonia's at all. I don't like their leaves or their flowers. However even though the flower of Begonia schultzei is unmistakeably a begonia flower it works well because it is so simple and small. A big plus is also that the leaves start out with a typical begonia shape but they soon transform into glaucous waxy ovate leaves that look especially good when wet.

All in all I would really recommend this plant for a vivarium or terrarium.

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