Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Buds On Euphorbia Bupleurifolia

The second flush of leaves on Euphorbia Bupleurifolia is looking rather good.Because of the higher light levels the leaves are shorter and probably much closer to how they would look in the wild. Even though I am not being as thorough with the fertiliser system as I should be (my succulent fert was leaking) the plant is even full of flower buds. Though the flowers are not particularly showy I am actually quite fond of euphorbia style flowers. It is also a nice indicator that the plant is a proper adult and is capable of producing pups. The plant is doing nicely outside even though the summer has been rather disappointing. It does not seem to suffer from the often plentiful water it is getting. Growing it in pure pumice seems to work really well for this plant.

Update: Now in flower

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