Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Euphorbia Bupleurifolia In Flower

Euphorbia Bupleurifolia is in full flower now and also still sprouting many new leaves. The flowers are less than spectacular but it still good to see. I understand they are not able to self polinate so I won't be getting any seed, which is a shame. All in all this plant has proved quite easy, the fact that it is in 100% pumice seems to protect it really well against too much moisture and the plant also seems ok with a less than fantastic fertilizer regime. Now I would just really like it to pup.


Little Expanded said...

Now this one comes from my area in the Eastern Cape! Seriously endangered! Take good care of it! LOL! You are doing a great job, looks good! LT

Tessa_Leonie said...

You're from the Eastern Cape?! Soooo many really cool plants grow there, colour me jealous!