Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gloriosa In Flower

Finally the Gloriosa Rothchildiana opened some flowers after a period of warmth and sun. I bought a plant that had finished flowering on sale last year and treated it with some fertiliser and a place in the sun. Then after a month of so I stopped watering and waited till the foliage died. The big fat tubers were wrapped in some kitchen paper and put away in a dry dark place. The tubers kept very well and even grow in slightly colder circumstances but this will slow their growth. This is the pot I kept inside for the first month which has kick started the growth.

The buds start out devoid of colour and they only develop the oranges and reds when the flower is fully open and in the sun. All in all they add a good hit of tropical extravaganza in summer and are remarkably easy to grow.

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