Thursday, 26 July 2012

Growing Ulluco In A Container

I originally planned on growing the Ulluco tuberosum (also known as Papalisa) in the allotment. However the mole cricket infestation caused me to have a bit of a rethink. So I decided to grow this popular crop from the Andes in a container on the balcony to make sure they won't be nibbled by those miscreants. I am using a sturdy plastic compost ring as a container and it is filled up with about a hundred litres of fertilised garden soil. The advantage of growing tuberous crops in a container is that harvesting is rather easy and you are unlikely to miss any of the tubers.

Here are the plants, not all have sprouted yet and some have been damaged by the near apocalyptic number of slugs and snails we have at the moment. I am growing three different varieties.

This is Ulluco 'Beet Red' with red tubers.

This is Ulluco 'Yellow', indeed with yellow tubers.

And here is Ulluco 'Tiger' which is a mixture of the two.

So I have six Ulluco plants (two of each variety) and in the middle I planted a Crosne which also produces edible tubers.

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