Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Purple and Blue

A record amount of rain has so far not harmed the garden (though I placed my succulents under cover) but the flowers are looking beat down by all the rain. Most of what is in flower is in the purple and blue spectrum. Usually Hosta flowers are not among the prettiest but the small lilac pastel of Hosta halcyon is actually looking pretty and combines well with the Cordyalis craigton blue.

Because the Corydalis combines electric blue with a hint of purple they look really well together.

The Commelina is finally in flower and even though the flowers only last a day they provide good blibs of colour. Funnily enough there are two different colours, a pure sky blue and a blueish purple.
I am not sure whether they are from different bulbs or whether it has to do with the age of the flower.

Agapanthus 'Black Buddha' is also in flower at the moment. The flowers and stems are not particularly large for an Agapanthus but that is made up by the combination of the darker stems and flushes of dark blue on the flowers themselves.

 With these two pictures you can get a sense of the colour change in Rosa Rhapsody in blue. When it first opens it is quite a vivid purple but as it ages it becomes a more slaty colour with more blue tones than when it first opens.

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