Thursday, 2 August 2012

Red Red Orchid

 A couple more orchids have started blooming. First up a really nice red/pink Oncidium hybrid. I picked this up last year for 50% off because it was nearly finished flowering. Now it is reflowering within 9 months with two flower spikes.

Second new flowers is from Howeara 'Lava Burst' (some argue this is not really a hybrid but a species). I got this one in flower last September at an orchid fair and I am quite pleased it is reblooming now because the flowers really are quite lovely. Care of this plant is easy as well. I have it in a perforated basket in rather coarse bark. Even though the roots of this plants are quite fine it seems to really like being on the dry side. It gets a rather healthy amount of light even some direct sun in the evening.

Amazingly the Epidendrum is still in flower making it months and months. I cannot stress how good this little orchid is and would recommend it for everyone.