Sunday, 14 October 2012

Assorted Newbies

  I visited the largest garden centre in the Netherlands 'Het Oosten'. It is indeed quite big especially their greenhouses with tropicals and succulents. Their normal garden plant selection was not that impressive (really Global Gardens is bigger and better in that respect) but they did have some banging exotics  They had some ginormous tree grasses and yuccas but those were basicly just for show since I don't see many people coughing up thousands of euros for them. They also had a lot of big succulent specimens that were also impressive but also very expensive. They had large (not branched yet though) Aloe plicatilis and a lot of big caudex plants. Thankfully they also had a good selection of small/young plants for much better prices so I did pick up some of those.

 First of a small Euphorbia obesa. It was not labelled as such but I am pretty sure it is one. There is something really pleasing about the symmetry of this globe.As you can see it got slightly damage in transport and is leaking some latex.  I don't know what it is about South Africa but it does have some of the coolest plants around.

 I like dinosaur age plants and I have had a Cycas Revoluta when I was younger. This has become something of a bog standard house plant and I could easily buy a big plant for not that much money. So why in hell did I buy a seedling? Well, I am not saying it is logical but this seedling just looks so damn elegant and charming with its young fronds. So  I picked up this baby because it was just too darn cute.

 This is a Fockea Edulis and you know I find it hard to resist a new caudiciform plant. I have a feeling this might grow into a nice specimen plant in the next couple of years.

Finally to round out my Pachypodium collection is this Pachypodium Bispinosum seedling. I am growing one Pachypodium species a year from seed (first rosulatum and this year saundersii) and I have a large Pachypodium obesum but this looked like it would fit right in. Almost indistinguishable from obesum except from when it is flowering this small seedling already has a nice looking caudex (about the size of my thumb).

All in all a successful trip and when I have some extra cash to burn on some big specimen plant I know where to go.

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