Sunday, 28 October 2012

Growth Report: Aloe Hybrids

Aloe snowflake and Aloe somaliensis x rauhii were part of the May order from succulent tissue culture.  I basically ordered them to bulk out the order and to get some plants that were very hard to get wrong and I liked the variegation patterns on these two. Aloe snowflake even flowered this year with rather lovely flowers. I had not even realised how much they grew in a couple months until I uploaded the before photos.

As you can see it has grown substantially, not only the main rosette but several new pups have formed.

The same goes for Aloe somaliensis x rauhii which has maybe even grown more (but it hasn't flowered).

All in all I'm very happy, lovely hard to kill plants with very nice patterns. As for winter care: they are now on the orchid table inside where they will stay until summer.

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