Monday, 8 October 2012

Growth Report: Aloe Polyphylla

And now the first of a new series of posts. In the Growth Reports I'll take a look at how much growth has been achieved this past growing season. Now autumn is in full swing and all the tender plants moved back inside it is time to take stock.

First in line is Aloe Polyphylla. I ordered two plants at the start of May, one big one and one little one.

This picture helps with seeing how small especially the tiny aloe was. Let's see how much growht they have put on in aproximately 4 months.

As you can see the little aloe has filled up its pot nicely and actually grew more than I thought it did.   This is surely going into a larger pot next year to see if it can grow even faster with more root space  Apparently these allows grow their roots wide but shallow so an appropriate container will need to be found.

As you can see the big polyphylla also did a good job at filling out its pot. So much so that watering has become a bit of a problem. In the height of summer I there has been a bit of trouble with the tips as you can see but that seems to have sorted itself out nicely. Unfortunately you cannot yet see the fantastic spiral habit of this aloe but I think if it survives the winter it might start to show next year. I think this one will be needing a new container as well especially since there is a suspicious crack in the terracotta.

Both plants have grown nicely and you can see the leaves have become bigger, greener and nicely fattened up. As for winter care I did bring them inside because some nights were getting dangerously close to frost. These alloes like a lot of light but fairly low temperatures in winter so I will be adjusting for that. I am keeping them in the living room for at least another month maybe even more but after that they will go to a colder bedroom near a window. For now they are still getting a weekly watering.

All in all I am happy with this years growth and I think with new containers next year they will continue to thrive.

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LT Expanded said...

No that is impressive! I have a few from seed, so I loved this post especially!