Sunday, 14 October 2012

Growth Report: Epiphyllum Cuttings

All the Epiphyllum (I know two of them are a diffrent species but I am still not sure what) cutting I got at the end of May have rooted nicely and almost all of them are putting on new growth (in diffrent ways but still). Only the one right back is not showing much growth but you can see it has fattened up compared to how it looked as a cutting. It is funny to see that some of them form growth at the top and others sprout new shoots at the base. To get them to flower they need a cold period but since these are still probably too small to flower I might keep them growing as long as I can this winter and only but them somewhere colder when they go dormant themselves or maybe in January. I know these like to be pot bound but the ones in the smallest pots will probably need to go up a size regardless.

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