Monday, 8 October 2012

Growth Report: Pachypodium Rosulatum

The Pachypodium Rosulatum seedlings now had two growing seasons and I could not be more pleased with how they are growing. This is how they looked in March, notice how there is not really that much difference between the one grown inside (pic 1) and the one grown outside during its first summer (pic 2).

Look at the difference now! I still kept one outside and one inside but what probably also helped is that the one grown outside got a bigger pot. The one kept inside has grown but nothing compared to the big one.

Seedling one has put out a good amount of leaves but really the growth of the caudex has been disappointing. This one is going in a bigger pot in spring and will be spending its time outside just like its big brother.

 Just look at it! Growing all tall and fat. I know you are supposed to grow caudex plants in a relatively small pot to promote the caudex but I am tempted to move this one up in size again next spring. The only thing that annoys me is that the base of the plant stays so skinny. I think when I repot I will bury it gravel. I have done so a little bit and roots sprouted from it so I think it will be fine to do it with the complete 'stalk' without risking rot. Maybe I will let this one go into dormancy this year ( I didn't last year it just kept going). In about a month I will stop watering and put it in a colder room. Allowing it to go dormant might enable it to flower next year and hopefully also branch. As a bit of an experiment I'll try to keep seedling 1 active for as long as I can.

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