Sunday, 28 October 2012

Growth Report: Plumeria

 Though they have not yet gone dormant it is fair to say the Plumeria are just about done growing in their second year. Flowers in their second year would have been hoping for too much but at least they have put on a good amount of growth. I lost my biggest seedling last winter to rot so these three are going to be kept warmer and dryer and downstairs so I can keep an eye on them. As you can see the middle on has become especially large which might simply be due to the fact that I potted it up in a slightly larger pot. The thing is that I want them to flower and branch while they are still relatively short so I might not pot them on next spring.

One of the smaller seedlings has branched spontaneously.

Here is the right seedling in the same pot. Comparing these photos you can see that while it is not a huge plant it did in fact grow a lot.

This is a picture of the largest seedling in spring. I still have the makeshift support in place because the stem is a bit thin on the lower side and it needs a bit of support to keep it from keeling over. With the impressive growth this year it needs the support even more.

Now I am really hoping for flower next year. I guess I should really pay more attention to the fertiliser regime next year. The thing is that it is nigh impossible to get a good bloom booster fertiliser here so I might have to get it online. I am so curious whether all three are the Polynesian sunset variety or whether one  of the seedlings is from the generic rubra seeds.

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