Sunday, 14 October 2012

Growth Report: Aloe Plicatilis

The Aloe Plicatilis seedlings have done well this year. From just a green speck in a seed tray at the end of April to these two little seedlings above. 2 seedlings out of 5 may not seem like much but one was never really viable and with two of them I was too quick to pot them on, a lesson I have now learned. With the seedlings they have a tendency to grow ever larger leaves but in the process also use up the smaller leaves so they have continually grown with four leaves. When the fifth leave starts growing the plant consumes the oldest leave, and so on and so on.

The larger plant is one I ordered from succulent tissue culture. I got the plant at the start of May and it has done very well indeed. This one also discards its older leaves but now supports six leaves. I think the seedlings should reach at least this size next year. Also I suspect the seedlings may have more growing power than the tissue culture plant so maybe they will even catch up completely next growing season. As for winter care I have taken them inside and for now they are going to get water ever week since the soil dries out very quickly. I might move one of the seedlings to a colder bedroom at the end of November as a test.
 Germination was at the end of April.

The tissue culture plant with some damaged leaves just after it arrived.

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LT Expanded said...

You can be very proud of them. Lovely strong looking plants. Congrats.