Monday, 1 October 2012

Late summer flowers

Late summer early autumn is not completely uneventful  There are a couple of dependable and surprising perennials that are providing some good colour right now.

I was delighted that Salvia guaranatica 'Black and Blue' came back. Because of the harsh winter I was sure that this had perished. But it has come back strong growing nice and large and full of flowers. I really like the colour of the stem it really is very dark. I love it in combination with the Japanese anemone.

Japanese anemone 'honorine jobert' is a dependable delight lighting up the garden when the days are getting darker. I just love the simple shape of anemone's and I am going to plant some corms to have some more in spring as well.

 Tricirtis hirta is just such a cool flower everyone should grow it. I have a couple of colour variations and it is very happy in the shady moist but well drained fake woodland I created. It survived the early spring attack of the chickens easily and is just flowering its head off. The flowers are so lovely they really do not deserve their common name: toad lily.

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