Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Prosthechea Cochleata

I have a couple orchids in bud at the moment and Prosthechea cochleata is the first of these to open. I am glad it did because it is a really cool unusual flower. I got this last year at the national orchid day as an Encyclia but apparently there has been a name change. It is quite possible that this is not the species but the 'Green Hornet' hybrid. Apparently these flowers keep for a good long time which is great because my last flowering orchids (among them an oncidium) dropped their flowers pretty quickly. After many many months the lovely red epidendrum is done flowering so a new long lived orchid flower is indeed very welcome. One thing that is bothering me is that so far no paphiopedilum is showing any sign of reblooming. I have a good number of these and no reblooming yet. Maybe I should change my regime for them or just have a bit more patience.

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