Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fun With New Camera

I finally have a proper camera (birthday present), it is a Canon 600d and as you can imagine I am having some fun with it. There are not a lot of flowers around at the moment but still there is enough to practise on. This is a little hybrid Dendrobium, nothing special per se but I am happy I got it to rebloom since I don't have much luck with Dendrobiums in general.

Thankfully the Prosthechea Cochleata (Encyclia Cochleata) is still in flower, those flowers deserve their close up.

 There were also some flowers outside ready for their shot.

 A thistle looking all nice and symmetrical.

And the last of the Rhapsody in Blue roses. The photo could be a bit sharper but it shows just how nice the colour of this rose is.

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