Thursday, 8 November 2012

Growth Report: Aeonium Velour

 The Aeonium 'Velour' has proved to be an easy and above all easily propagated plant. Together with my Ceathea Australis I moved it to my grandmothers annex to be relatively cool but frost free in winter. Already it has lost most of its colour now there is less light. The biggest problem with this big headed Aeonium has been the fact that the branches have some trouble supporting the big rosettes. Because of this I now have 9 rooted cuttings (I say cuttings but they basically just fell off and I stuck them into the ground somewhere).

 To get a more open plant and to hopefully prevent more branches falling off I cut off two rosettes on the lower branches. As you can see the bare branch has now exploded with tiny new rosettes forming. It seems to suggest that you can prune an Aeonium almost anytime you want, especially if it is still growing.

 In the end I might end up doing this for more branches to create a taller and more open plant. Next year I am going to repot this (though likely back into the same pot) because the fact that it is not planted in the centre is giving me a headache.

As for the gazilion cutting I have at the moment, If anyone is interested in one leave a message. I am going to be experimenting a bit with leaving them out in the cold. Secretly I am hoping some damage to the growth centre might result in a cristate.

And now a pic from when I got it in March.

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