Thursday, 15 November 2012

NOID Euphorbia Identified

When I got this little Euphorbia for the staggering amount price of 50 cents at an mixed succulent table I had no idea what it was. I gathered it was an Euphorbia because the leaves reminded me so much of Euphorbia bupleurifolia. Well after some eBay browsing trying to find an elusive Euphorbia 'ghost' I stumbled on a plant marked Euphorbia japonica and it looked exactly like my little NOID. Some googling later I am convinced that it is indeed Euphorbia japonica. It is actually a cross between Euphorbia bupleurifolia (whoo me for recognising) and Euphorbia susannae. In Europe they often label it Euphorbia japonica. Anyway I think it was quite the steal.

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