Sunday, 25 November 2012

Schlumbergera Time-Lapse

I've wanted to make Time-Lapse video's for forever and now I have a DSLR I finally can. The process itself is quite frankly rather complicated and by the flicker in the video you can see I still have some way to go before I perfect this form. I'm going to make a blog post on my other blog about the techniques I used (and mistakes I made) making this vid and I'll post a link here when that is written. This winter I can practice on some forced bulbs and the like. This was a tiny 1 euro Schlumbergera and seemed like a prime candidate to practice on. I have some paper white narcissi and an amarylis lined up next. Hopefully by next spring I'll be good and brave enough to make some Time-Lapses of my more valued plants.

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