Monday, 12 November 2012

Winter Storage for Summer Bulbs

Though it isn't freezing yet all the summer bulbs have lost their foliage and are ready to be stored for winter.
First off the last Pleine that needs storing. My other Pleiones already lost their foliage and were stored two weeks ago but the Pleione Formosana kept going for a little bit longer.

It has a nice and rather pretty fat bulb that should store without any problems.

The method I am using is a bit unusually but still very simple. I add a bit of the moist bark from the pot to a zip lock baggie and add the bulb and the label. Pleione can overwinter completely dry but a tiny bit of moisture to prevent dessication is a plus. Just seal the baggie and put it in the veg crisper in your fridge. In a couple of months you get them out again for a nice spring display.

Pleasingly the Gloriosa Rothchildiana tubers have doubled going from three to six. Due to the crappy summer  we may not have had a grand flower display but it hasn't hurt the bulbs from growing fat and plenty.

This next one is still a NOID but it has white trumpet like flowers that smell nice at night. there are still only three bulbs but especially the one on the left has tripled in size.

   I have left the best for last. The Commelina started out this year as three octopus like clumps but when I turned over the pot it was completely stuffed with bulbs (or tubers). I can fill at least four pots next year and I might even put a couple into the allotment and my grandmother's garden to add a bit of colour in summer.

I am really chuffed with how well they all multiplied and they should provide a abundance of flowers next year. Last year I removed all the earth and kept them between some newspaper in the shed. This year I shook of most of the soil and layered them in a pot and put them in the shed. Here is a picture of the summer bulbs in Spring.

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