Sunday, 2 December 2012

Birthday Presents

My cousin generously gifted me with a garden centre gift card for my birthday (thanks Su!). So I went and checked out the bargains. There were a lot of orchids on sale now they are almost finished blooming. I was very tempted by some huge (I mean HUGE) pots of Oncidium and Brassia hybrids but I ended up choosing a Zygopetalum since I don't have that one yet. Besides even though it is in a normal sized orchid pot it is stuffed with bulbs so will be repotted into a slightly larger pot come spring. Usually these are quite expensive at this garden centre but since it is almost done flowering it was on the sale table. I have seen pictures of Zygopetalum with a lot of blue in the flowers which this one unfortunately doesn't have but it still is a pretty cool flower.

This is Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary' which I had in my vivarium but which unfortunately died. But I liked the plant so much that I bought this nice large specimen. I might divide this eventually and try it again in the vivarium but for now its main task is to look pretty and to catch any escaped fruit flies.

Finally I also bought a NOID little cactus for the sole reason that I thought it would look great in macro shots. Edit: I think I have IDed it as Ferocactus Macrodiscus

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