Monday, 10 December 2012

Crassula ´Gollum´

Just in time for the release of The Hobbit, I scored this little Crassula ´Gollum´. Now I will admit I was a bit snobby over these rather ubiquitous Jade plants but this variety is really rather cool looking. It ticks all the boxes that I like, namely a succulent that grows to look like a little tree. The curled leaves look appropriately alien.

As you can see the plant is covered with water stains so I will shower it with some rain water soon. Also rather likable is the fact that this came nice and cheap. There are three plants to the pot which makes it about 70 cents per plant. Come spring I will divide them and pot them up separately  because I want to stress the ´tree´ aspect and not the ´bushy´ look. Apparently these are really really hard to kill and quite the growers when they are happy. I imagine a large specimen of this plant is quite impressive.

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LT Expanded said...

Nice find x3 lol! Your mind works like mine, always look value buy! A few Crassula species would find your fancy for their tree-like look. Also Tylecodon's might be good to look into, very easy (rest summer/grow winter)! Good luck with the 3some!