Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Pachypodium Succulentum In Flower

I really shouldn't surprised that my Pachypodium Succulentum started flowering in December. Last year, if I remember correctly, it flowered in winter as well. However I had basically been putting this plant through the motions of getting it to go into dormancy. It didn't get any water since mid November and I was almost ready to put it in a cooler spot. But just in time for Christmas it has decided to bloom with its candy striped flowers. In the end I am glad I decided to prune them in early spring.

So far there are just two branches in bud, so it won't make much of a show piece, still there are plenty more flowers to come.

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LT Expanded said...

Is this the same one with the rot issue? Great job! LT

Tessa Leonie said...

No, that was Pachypodium Bispinosum, a new much much smaller plant.This is quite a big one. I bought this one planted in tiny lava rock (I think there is a better term) which seems to be working quite well. I guess this one doesn't want to go dormant yet..

LT Expanded said...

Oops missed that! LOL! Pumice may be the word? Wish we could get it. I also have a Pachy that seems to be not eager to sleep, think it is bispinosum...not sure how critical it is with pachy's.

Ngeun said...

Quite a pretty flower, like a rose between the thorns. :)