Thursday, 17 January 2013

Aeonium Expansion

After seeing this post by Spiky Obsession I knew I really wanted a crested (cristate/cristata) Aeonium. So I followed that search term on Ebay and waited for one to pop up. Thankfully one did and a rather cheap one at that. I ordered it while the weather was still quite mild but unfortunately the seller decided to ship it during the beginning of a much colder snap. I think it survived the transport well enough even if it does look a bit haggard at the moment.

It is a crested Aeonium 'sunburst' and it seems that this is the most common variety of Aeonium sold in crested form. I will probably pot it up in a nicer looking pot come spring but I didn't have any fresh soil so I planted it in a pot where I accidentally let a supermarket Echeveria dry out.

Looking at Ebay I found a lot of people selling some cheap cuttings so I bought some of those as well. One seller sold cuttings from a miniature sport that grew on his regular Aeonium arborescens. He used the description 'Witches Broom' though I am not sure whether this is the name he is calling his new sport or whether that is the generic name for a mini sport. I got a cutting of the sport and of the main plant for comparison. Both haven't rooted yet but I hope they will soon.

This one doesn't really count as it isn't a true Aeonium at all. It was listedas Aeonium domesticum but some googling revealed that it is a Aichryson domesticum instead. Still it is a nice looking succulent all the same. At the moment it is hitching a ride with one of the South African bulbs.

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