Wednesday, 23 January 2013

R.I.P Some Winter Casualties

This morning I noticed that my big Aloe Polyphylla was not looking very good. And indeed upon closer inspection there was a lot of crown rot. All leaves pulled away easily. 

Here is the close up. The thing is that I know why it rotted. The plant completely covers the pot which makes it difficult to water without getting some on the plant. It hasn't received much water though maybe a tiny bit once a month. But apparently one little drop has got into the crown and wreaked havoc. I'm saddened by this because it did grow quite a bit larger this year and I was hoping for some spirals in the next. The roots and lower part of the stem still looked good so in the off chance of regrowth (I know it is very unlikely) I cut out all the rot and covered the remaining stem with some cinnamon.

At least the small Aloe polyphylla is still alive.

As you can see there have been some other casualties as well. One of my Aloe plicatilis seedlings has rotted as well, plus a couple of Adeniums. Even though the larger plicatilis and the smaller polyphylla are still OK, I am not that happy with the results of moving part of my collection upstairs in winter. 

Ugh, I'm bummed out
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