Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Planting Out My Tree Fern

Today was a nice sunny day and my fingers were itching to do something in the garden. The ground has thoroughly thawed and the ice on the pond has melted so I decided to finally plant out my Dicksonia Antarctica. Granted she is looking a bit rough. It hasn't been much colder than last year but it has been dryer and more windy which accounts for the desiccation of most of the foliage. I had the plant protected with straw all around the little stem held together by some cardboard. Since I am not anticipating any truly  hard frost so I removed the outer layer of straw and just kept the straw that is covering the crown.

As you can see two years in this pot has left it severely pot bound. The fibrous roots are impossible to tease apart in any way shape or form so I am not going to bother. I trust the roots will fan out in search of moisture by their selves.

This is the spot where it is going. Last summer my extremely beloved Japanese Acer succomed so some nasty fungus. We have been having some drainage problems of late which the poor little tree just couldn't handle. As you can see we have installed a new gutter to try and remove some of the excess water. I have good hope the tree fern will be much better suited to deal with a little bit of extra water. I was a bit concerned about their hardiness but I have had her outside for the last two winters with the same protection I can give it when she is in the ground.

Digging the hole was a bit tricky since the lighting cables run through this bit but eventually it fitted. It doesn't look like much yet but I hope the increased space will accelerate growth a bit. When the crown starts shooting up new fronds I'll begin to remove the damaged foliage and it should be back to looking like the glorious plant it is.

Edit: This was stupid, now it's dead. Damn you unpredictable Spring weather.

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