Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wake Up

 It is that frustrating point in the year where it is still unmistakably winter but there are some flickers of spring to come. After close examination you can find little signs of life and unfortunately some death as well. On top is a bud of one of my Cypripediums, the flowers I am most excited for and I am happy that the plant seems alive and well, though I hope this is not the only bud.

This one already has four buds but here I am also hoping for a couple more. If there is going to be some more considerable frost I intend to cover these with a couple of leaves just to be on the save side.

Aquilegia 'Black Barlow' is pushing out new foliage. I really love this flower but I think after this year I will move this one because it grows so so big, overshadowing some of my other gems.

All the plants on the north wall have done exceedingly well (original post here). Especially the Clematis Armandii has been a big success so far. It has grown immensely and stayed green even though there have been periods of hard frost. Now it is bursting with these buds.

The white Meconopsis seems to have survived so far as well the bud is tight and solid. I have some hope I will finally get a Meconopsis flower this year even if it isn't the blue I so desire.

Unfortunately I have managed to kill yet another Meconopsis. Meconopsis Napaulensis looked OK only a couple of months ago but on closer exception the crown had rotted and the roots pictured have turned to mush.

All in all some encouraging news and I for one can't wait for spring.
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