Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Cactus Babies

My cactus seedlings are just shy of a year old. (post on sowing them and germination post) They have been living with some rather harsh circumstances (really letting them dry out and the occasional flooding) but quite a lot of them have survived. This survival of the fittest regime will make sure the surviving seedlings are genetic winners. The seed came from a mixed cactus packet from a botanical garden in Italy. Now I need the propagator to start other seed this spring so I am planting them out in a pot.

They are still quite closely packed but the roots can now run much deeper and I know how slow these will grow so this way the won't take up too much space. The mix drains very easily and the top layer even more so, because of this I will probably have to water them a bit more often until they are properly established.

Lets not forget the lonely Pachypodium Geayi seedling. My older seedlings died last winter from rot so I am happy to have this one. Pachypodium Geayi will be even more happy than the cactus seedlings with a deeper pot for its root system.

It is cool to see how many different cacti there are among the seedlings. I suck at identifying cactus and I suppose it is still too early anyways but here are a couple of close up shots to show how different they all are


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LT Expanded said...

I had eventually gotten some Pachy seed that was fresh enough to germinate. You have some nice little babies there, congrats! It is fun!