Saturday, 16 March 2013

Good Old Reliable Euphorbia Bupleurifolia

I am loving how easy Euphorbia Bupleurifolia is to take care of. In winter I stopped giving any water, and when I was comfortable that it was completely dry I put it away a bit close to a window so there would be some light at least. Last week I finally took a look at it and it was looking a bit deflated. Days are getting steadily longer so I thought it might be time to wake it up. I gave a small amount of water just enough to darken the pumice a bit. And look!

It has plumped up again and is starting to push out some leaves. Really as long as you are happy keeping it completely dry in winter than this really is much easier to look after than some others might suggest.

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LT Expanded said...

Very nice and also fairly rare in nature (protected). Not sure if Cites1 or II, lovely plant in any case, the cycad of succulents!