Sunday, 24 March 2013

It Is Still Soooo Cold

Spring is keeping everybody waiting so there is not that much to do at the allotment at the moment. The soil is still so cold that sowing early veg is out of the question right now. As you can see it does need a proper clean up. The grass truly is the bane of my existence here growing absolutely everywhere.

The good news is that the broad beans and shallots planted in winter are showing and looking good no thanks to the horrendous weather.

The garlic patch too is looking good. All bar one row of 3 different garlic bulbs came up fine and I can't wait till I can  start picking the first young bulbs. Last year garlic was one of my favorite crops so this time I decided to grow lots and lots of it.

Last years plum tree was pretty much dead on arrival. When the supermarket had these little fruit trees on sale I grabbed the green plum 'Reine Claude'. Hopefully this little plum tree will thrive here.

Next up I am going to put up a little cold frame and start my own little hay bale growing experiment.

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