Monday, 11 March 2013

Planting Pleione

Last December I put my three Pleione bulbs in a plastic baggie and straight into to refrigerator. Now should be a good time to get them out and plant them up again. The picture above shows that Pleione Cairngorm is ready to go.

I filled this pot with some fine orchid mix and some extra moss I had laying around. On top of that I filled half this pot with broken shards to provide optimal drainage. This should provide the Pleiones with a moisture retentive soil without ever becoming soggy.

Here they are in their new pot. In the back Pleione Cairngorm, in front the pink tinged bulb is Pleione Formosana and on the left Pleione Hanka. I'm going to keep them inside for now and they should make a nice flower display in a couple of weeks (maybe a bit more). I am hoping that they will form some bulbils this year. I didn't find any when I emptied them out of their pot in winter. Perhaps I missed them because new bulbils tend to be very small. I might even store this whole pot in winter so no bulbils will be thrown away accidentally.

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