Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ulluco Resurrection

Last year I attempted to grow Ulluco. The harvest however was dismal. I ended up with the same 5ish tubers that I started with. Now it might be this was because I started them so late (they were on sale at the seed company) so I just bunged said colorful marble like tubers in a plastic baggy and into the fridge. A couple of weeks ago I saw them again while looking for some particularly illusive white whine vinegar and though one or two had started to rot the others were sprouting. I quickly put these in a pot with some soil and put them under my growing table. Now a couple of weeks later they have sprouted and are even looking a little leggy. I guess I will put them somewhere brighter and once it will stop being so incredibly cold (really people? A white Easter ) I'll try them again and see whether a longer growing season might end up giving me a better return.

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