Thursday, 18 April 2013

Agapanthus Blues

I have not been a good girl protecting my Agapanthus 'Black Buddha  this year. I just left it out shoved against the wall (very dry) and hoped it would be a mild winter. Well, it wasn't a mild winter and I was sure it had completely died. But no! I cleared up allot of the old dead foliage and saw that about a third of the plant was still alive.

Since a large part of the Agapanthus had rotted I bought a new one to fill out the pot for a proper display this year. I had the choice of two different Aggies, One was a named on with some lovely colour but it was a tiny tiny plant. So I decided to go with the unnamed ('blue') big healthy looking plant.

I ripped out as much mushy rhizome as I could. Next winter I will take better care of my Agapanthus, they are a stunning sight in high summer.

ps. I put a little new Pulsatilla in the front for the simple reason that I really really like Pulsatilla but they never come back for me.

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