Monday, 22 April 2013

Alpine Show+Spring Event= New Plants!

This has been quite the busy weekend plant wise. Since I'm working on a concrete alpine planter (it curing at the moment) I thought it would be a good idea to visit the renowned alpine show and market at the botanical gardens in Utrecht. A hardened professional remarked to me that the selection was a bit thin this year but  I did not notice and picked up as much as I could carry. First the alpines that may or may not go in my planter. My selection criteria were whether I thought they looked pretty/cool unhampered by any real expertise. These were all quite cheap 1.50 / 2.00 per tiny adorable plant.

First up Sedum reflexum cristatum, it is only about 2 cm high but it is seriously cute. I usually think sedum is a bit meh but I adore anything crested so this was an easy buy. If you google image search it you will see a lot of brainlike growth showing only the succulent leaves. I rather like how you see the stem here, a bit like my aeonium sunburst crest.

Talking about Aeoniums I picked up this little Aeonium Tabuliforme. Eventually this will form an immense saucer clinging tightly to the ground.

For my alpine planter I'm looking for cushion shaped alpines. This is Edraianthus pumilio which pleasingly blooms brilliant blue.

A Saxifraga would also go nicely in the planter and this cuty was already in bloom. Saxifraga Pubescens can form a brilliant cushion covered in white flowers.

Why not another little Primula? Primula Marginata is from the auricula group and I've been able to grow those quite well. As you can see I have more than enough plants to fill my new planter (which actually only has three biggish spots.

There were also a lot of hardy orchids on sale so I went for it and almost doubled my collection.

Cypripedium Formosana, which has brilliant fan shaped leaves and a weird dented cushion like flower.

A new Pleione Piton. The picture suggested it would bloom white. It was not very deeply rooted so I lifted it up and found a spot for it among my other Pleiones.

The last three are going to be interesting. They actually grow int the Netherlands even though they are rare. This is Neotinea ustulata or the burnt tip orchid and it might just flower this year (see the spike forming). For now I'm keeping them in their pots and I'll ask around for tips growing these at the next orchid society meeting.

This spotted number is a Orchis mascula.

And finally an Epipactis palustris which is apparently more common here. It should grow in the dunes so maybe I can spot them in the wild this year.

The final additions from the alpine market belong in the 'Lets Try Again' category. Plants I loved but died that deserve a second shot.

Meconopsis Lingholm, the blue poppy. These fell victim to the chickens. I have a white variety that is looking good this year but I really want the blue form as well.

While the earth is still bare I'll keep this little chicken protection system on top.

One stall was a lady selling fabulous succulents. I bought a Crassula Buddha's Temple. I have wanted this one for some time because of its brilliant symmetry.

 A new Tylecodon wallichii, since my version died due to not observing it strict winter growing schedule. I also bought a little succulent Pelargonium but I forgot to photograph it.

There was also a renowned Hosta nursery represented.

Mum chose this Hosta Fragrant Surprise which should have naturally fragrant flowers.

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Alex Krasovskis said...

Those little alpines are so cute. Looks like you gave the old macro lens on the camera a good workout.