Saturday, 6 April 2013

Epiphyllum Tower

I got these Epiphyllum (and a another species) at the market late in May last year and all rooted really well and put on some growth.  I thought it would be a good idea to use my little hangable pot tower for these since they have pendulant growth and don't mind being in quite small pots.

As you can see they have made good little root systems.

I am using a mix with about a third orchid mix (they are epiphytes after all) a third cactus soil and a third perlite. I can be quite an avid waterer so I don't worry about them drying out too much with such a well draining mix.

Here they are, the bottom two pots have two plants in them so I guess they might crowd up soon.

I will probably hang them underneath the rose when the weather permits. This way they get a good amount of sun.

I had some mix left so I decided to do some more repotting. Some because I expect them to grow a lot this year, others because I want them in terra cotta,  and finally both my star Pachypodium Rosulatum and his idiot brother who refuses to thrive.

So, that looks better doesn't it?

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