Monday, 15 April 2013

New Aloe Polyphylla

The horrible death by rot this winter of my large (i still have a tiny one) Aloe Polyphylla was one of my hardest losses. I has ordered both of them from and they had grown nicely during the summer. However one tiny (really significantly very small) drop of water in the crown during dormancy proved quickly fatal. Imagine my surprise when I found this beauty at the garden centre. It was not named but by now I feel comfortable recognizing them. They are from but the polyphylla is not listed on their website. Anyhow this one is about 50 percent cheaper than similar sized plants at a dutch nursery I spotted online so I am delighted with this find and immediately bought a nice shallow dish for it.

Here it is in its new home, in 50/50 cactus soil perlite. I guess I'll have to figure out a way to water it in winter  without touching the leaves, maybe a funnel or something like that. The roots were not perfect I thought they were coming out of the pot but that was an illusion. Three quarters of the soil was filled with dead roots but there were still a couple of nice bright yellow roots and I don't think root growth should be a problem since my previous Polyphylla purchases came with almost no roots and rooted without a problem.

I can't decide whether it is bigger or smaller than my previous one. So I am using this hightly scientific method of counting the leaves. Here is the new one.

Give or take 20 fully developed leaves.

Strangely the new one feels larger, but the old one obviously had more leaves. I'll count the leaves again at the end of summer.

My other favorite Aloe, Aloe Plicatilis was still looking good in its old pot but I was not happy with how long it took for the soil to dry after watering. I still had some mix left from the Polyphylla so I decided to swap the mix. To my surprise the Plicatilis was actually rather pot bound so I gave it a larger pot to encourage more growth. Here in the picture you can see it is looking rather good and replumbed after being a bit dehydrated in winter. Left is the only surviving seedling which is struggling a bit but I think it might just get a bit of a growth spurt now it is back into the light.

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