Thursday, 4 April 2013

Orchid Post

I fell in love with Cypripediums last year and this month someone from Anthura ( which owns Garden Orchids) came by our Orchid circle to do a talk on tissue culture I was quite excited. The talk unfortunately was mostly on the company and how they clone Anthurium but he did bring a couple of trays of Cypripedium which we could buy with a nice discount. I have the Kentucky and Pueblo from their collection so I was looking to see which other variety he would bring.

I was hoping for Reginae and Parville, unfortunatly there was no Parville (which has adorable small multiple flowers) but there was Reginae. Though I should say... probably. For some reason they market Reginae, Reginae Alba and Formosana simply as Cypripedium White. By looking at it, Maurice (who did the talk) said, it was probably Reginae Alba though I would be just as happy with the other options. As you can see (it is the one on the right) it is already budding with two strong shoots. The only other Cypripedium they were selling that is not yet in my collection is Kentucky Maxi. I asked whether this was significantly different from normal Kentucky and the answer was that it is not only a bigger flower but also significantly stronger stems to prevent flopping over. What gets me really excited about this one is the amount of noses on this particular specimen. You can spot 6 on the photo but during transportation some of the medium fell out of the pot and I spotted at least 2 more noses hiding underneath. That is at least 8 noses on one plant which is just awesome. They come from a greenhouse and since it is still arctic winter here I'm keeping them inside until the weather mellows out a bit. I hope to find some more nice terracotta bowls for them soon.

Miraculously I also won pretty early on in the raffle so I got to pick out this huge Cattleya. It is funny because I only bought 4 tickets this time to save my money for the Cypripediums. Usually they have a couple of Catts and then some (pretty boring) oncidium and phalaenopsis so I'm glad I finally got a snag a Catt.

Finally my favourite garden centre Global Gardens had a little Orchid show so naturally I dropped by. The show was not that impressive unfortunately (just a lot of generic hybrids) apart from some cool Paphilopediums. However these were not only tres expensive but I also am not allowed to buy another until I get the bastards to rebloom. I ended up buying this Promenaea 'Sunlight'. I hadn't seen this before and am quite charmed by the way it grows (even if it needs to be put up on a pedestal of sorts).

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