Sunday, 28 April 2013

Things Finally Start Going

Things are finally starting to happen on the allotment. It is exciting but also a lot of work. Especially because the grass is going completely rampant.

Here we reclaimed some ground from the encroaching grass next to the garlic patch. I planted some left over onion sets I had since the ground is way to rough for sowing.

Speaking of my beloved Alliums we finally laid our hands on some wild garlic plants. It's not easy to find a shady spot for them so I build a little shade guard with some sticks. This way I can finally pick wild garlic without making some funny mistakes.

The maincrop potatoes are in even though they will probably be eaten by the mole crickets. Which is why I planted some earlies back home in a container.

Perhaps a bit prematurely but we put in a couple of artichoke seedlings.

I've expanded the berry collection with some black currant.

Horseradish is still looking good. I guess I'll have to wait a while before they have harvestable root systems and quite frankly I can't hardly wait.

In a bid to beat the weeds we are planting a lot of the plugs into strawberry plastic. This disintegrates in a year or two and should help keep the ground moist, warm and weed free.

The soil beneath last years manure/pumpkin heap is absolutely brilliant. This is probably the best chance at success for crops that needs fine soil so here I sowed Scorzanera (is this the same as Salsify?) and red carrots.

The anemones in the perennial/fruit bed are adding a nice splash of colour.

Finally I dug up last years Dahlia thinking it would have thoroughly rotted after a harsh winter. But no, there were only a couple of mushy bits with the majority of the bulbs nice and firm. I replanted it towards the front of the allotment to make room for the onion sets.

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