Monday, 6 May 2013

Calceolaria Uniflora

The Calceolaria Uniflora that I bought at the Alpine Society sale is now very much in flower. I really love these weird little things, they really do look like concerned aliens with their mouths wide open. I know the chances are that the plant will die after flowering (like last year) but it is still quite a good deal. It costs about the same as a bunch of tulips and it is infinitely more interesting.

I'm just keeping it in its pot and if it survives the summer I'll do some more research on how to keep it alive. I also noticed just how different it is from the plant I had last year. That was Calceolaria Uniflora Darwinii, with a slightly bigger and wider flower kept much lower on the plant. Picture below.

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LT Expanded said...

That is stunning little flowers, Tessa, congrats.