Monday, 27 May 2013

Cypripedium Kentucky Maxi

The weather has been truly dreadful and that has kept my Cypripediums back quite a bit. Nevertheless the new Cypripedium Kentucky Maxi is now in flower. Disappointingly it only has two blooms where I expected more (it had 6 shoots). I still love these flowers yet I'm a bit perplexed as to how this is diffrent from my Cypripedium Kentucky. The flower is not bigger at all, if anything it might be a bit smaller. Compared to my Kentucky the pouch is maybe a little whiter but that theoretically should not be the case if I look at the pictures from The Cypripedium are not exactly thriving though. The formosana I bought had a bud which promptly dropped and Cypripedium pueblo is about to bloom but looks significantly scrawnier than last year.


Anonymous said...

Where were these plants purchased from? How did they obtain them? If they were dug out of the wild and transplanted it is very likely that they are destined to a slow death. Once the intricate network of fungal partners is disrupted these orchids gradually wane and die.

Tessa Leonie said...

Don't worry, these are from Garden Orchid, a company that grows special hybrids from tissue culture. You can google them. Don't sound so alarmist.