Thursday, 8 August 2013

A Hegemony Of Hedgehogs

We bought this trap camera at the Aldi of all places. I had expected to use it in my grandma's garden in the hope there might be a hedgehog crawling around at night. Alas, the first day (or actually night) the only thing captured was a lovely little song thrush

Ok, so not that exciting but at least the apparatus is obviously functioning which was nice. So next day I set up the camera at the allotment. Surely some interesting wildlife would be on show here?

So this location was not ideal. The camera got activated by moving branches and the only animal caught on tape was a crow.

The a couple days later I heard that tell tale rustling in the garden at night. We set up the camera and some hedgehog food (never milk!) to try and lure the spiny creature. 

First customer is our fierce feline Mike. Apparently hedgehog food is quite beloved by kitties as well. Which makes sense because you can feed hedgehogs with cat food. But next up....

Ha ha! I knew it! One spiny customer enjoying a midnight snack. We suspect this might be one of the hedgehogs that was released in a garden across the street. 

This one hedgehog was being surprisingly loud, hissing and purring. The next night the camera caught this.

Not one but two little hedgehogs eating to their stomach's content. This can only mean one thing; love is in the air. With a little bit of luck this means that in a couple of weeks we will get the pitter patter of tiny feet in the garden. Hedgehogs solitary animals only meeting up in case of lurve. Which is why the next vid is rather surprising.

OMG! There are three! This is quite strange. I doubt one of them is a babe, they are all three too large for that. From zero hedgehogs in the garden for about 10 years to a hegemony of hedgehogs, quite the result (now please eat all the slugs). I'm going to keep the camera running to see if there is more I can find out about the nocturnal habits of these spiky animals. 

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