Sunday, 11 August 2013

Aloe Updates

So that sad looking Aloe Polyphylla I bought this spring has indeed survived and dare I say it thrived. The rather ominous spots of rot did not hurt the crown but simply left paper thin brown spots in the middle of some of the leaves. I even think I can see that it will spiral to the right. Only thing is that the slugs LOVE this plant. I keep on removing the bastards from in between the leaves (sometimes I need to use tweezers). Unfortunately this has left quite a big wound .

This picture doesn't quite do it justice. Deep inside there is now a wet mushy brown spot. Since I took this picture I had to remove several leaves leafing a somewhat uneven looking plant. Again I hope the rot won't spread and I am keeping it a bit on the dry side to allow the Aloe to repair itself. It has taught me a lesson though, and that is that I should protect this plant from slugs.

The Aloe Plicatilis is growing at a remarkable rate, especially the tissue culture one. Just compare it to this picture from a couple of months ago. The roots are coming out of the bottom of the pot. I want to encourage this fast growth and I'm guessing there are still enough growing months to give them a larger pot.

They are a little bit loose in their new pots so I have to offer them some support. Unfortunately during re potting I damaged one of the leaves. I think these still have a lot of growing left in them.

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