Thursday, 15 August 2013

Cloud Pruning Project: Season 3

I´m not going to lie; I'm slightly dissappointed with my cloud pruned box. It is the third growing season since the initial snips and according to all guides it should now start to resemble a proper little lollipop tree. But there have been a couple of setbacks. Late last year and in the beginning of spring the leaves were turning yellow and brown. So I repotted it in spring and noticed that all the goodness was sucked out of the medium leaving dry horrible coir. So first thing I did was get good compost rich potting soil and moved the box (incidentally into a slightly smaller pot). This immediately revived the leaves which quickly turned green again.

So when I pruned this spring I went in hard. I removed a lot of the tufts to create a much more open structure. I did not like the wiring from last year so this time I am simply weighing down some of the outer branches again to get a more open structure. Hopefully next year I can get some good shape into the 'clouds'.

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